Mindful Recovery Groups

Now enrolling for fall and winter groups!

Mindful Recovery groups are supportive, educational, and experiential groups that are modeled after new research that supports the practice of mindfulness and yoga with cognitive and emotional work for holistic mental health recovery.

Group leader, Anne Halleck, LMHC, RYT, gently guides participants as they learn and practice coping skills specific to anxiety and PTSD, regain confidence and connection to their bodies, and support each other in their journey toward peace and acceptance.

Choose the group topic that best suits your needs:

Mindful Recovery from Traumastarts Sept 25th! –appropriate for those who have experienced traumatic events of any kind that have left lingering symptoms of anxiety, feeling on edge, distrust in relationships, feeling unsafe, depression, sleep problems, nightmares, flashbacks, and avoiding reminders of the trauma.

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Mindful Recovery from Anxiety – good for those who want to use a mindful approach to decrease worry, panic, perfectionism, rumination, and obsessive thinking.

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Endometriosis Etc Support Group

Group is on hold for now, but with enough interest will resume

This is a monthly get-together for women who struggle with endometriosis or other lady-part health issues. It is a free, peer-support group and all individuals dealing with endometriosis are welcome. We want to develop a caring, respectful community for all of us living with these conditions in Indy and surrounding areas.