My group offerings

Group Therapy for Women Recovering from a Traumatic Event

Tuesdays, June 6th-August 8th, 6:30pm – 8pm

What kind of therapy is this? 

Mindful Recovery is a holistic therapy group that is based on new research that supports the practice of mindfulness and yoga with counseling for trauma recovery.

Group leader, Anne Halleck, LMHC, RYT, will gently guide clients as they learn and practice coping skills specific to anxiety and PTSD, regain confidence and connection to their bodies, and support each other in their journey toward peace and acceptance.

Would it be good for me? 

Yes, If you are a woman struggling with anxiety, depression, anger, flashbacks, nightmares, panic, or low self-esteem related to a traumatic event you witnessed or experienced recently or a long time ago.

Yes, If you have heard about or tried breathing exercises, grounding techniques, yoga, acceptance, mindfulness, and group therapy and are interested– even if (especially if!) these seem too challenging or intimidating.

Yes, As long as you’re physically able to do gentle exercise, willing to try something new, and able to commit to the eight week program.


Great! Contact Anne for questions and to sign-up 

No yoga experience required


Endometriosis Support Group

Our first meeting is May 20th!

Continuing on the 3rd Saturday of each month, from 10am-12pm

This is a monthly get-together for women who struggle with endometriosis. It is a free, peer-support group and all individuals dealing with endometriosis are welcome. We want to develop a caring, respectful community for all of us living with endo in Indy and surrounding areas.

Despite how common the illness is, it is rarely discussed and many endo sufferers keep it a secret. This group offers a chance to meet others with endo in person to support and learn from each other. There are also plans for healthcare providers who offer services specific to endo treatment to present or offer Q&A sessions during these meetings.

Anne hosts this group at her office but it is not considered a therapy group nor is it a substitute for mental health or medical treatment.

Contact Anne with questions and follow Anne on Facebook for updates about the group.